This sector provides employment opportunities in various administrative and managerial roles in manufacturing, retail, supply chain management, transportation, energy resources and other companies.

Logistics & Transportation sector is of high importance as it drives the supply of goods & services from one place to another and the speed, efficiency and money flow in this domain has a direct impact on the industries and eventually the economy.

The last two decades have seen Indian Logistics & Transportation Sector grow from a dedicated warehousing and transportation oriented service to a value added service like domestic/international freight forwarding, customs clearance, reverse logistics etc.


Growth Drivers

  • Streamlining of Indirect Tax Structure
  • Infusion of Qualified Workforce
  • Globalization of Manufacturing System
  • Increased Demand of 3PL Services
  • Logistics Managment as a Strategic Tool
  • Investments in Transportation Infrastructure

Career Path

  • Indian & Foreign Logistics firms
  • Manufacturing companies
  • Public/Private Ports
  • Third Party Logistics firms
  • Retail establishments
  • Transportation companies
  • Pharmaceutical organisations
  • Freight Forwarders
  • Government Agencies
  • Shipping and Liner companies
  • Importers and Sourcing organisations
  • IT companies
  • Management Consulting firms


Constituents of Transport & Logistics Sector

  • Road Transport : India, with second largest road network in the world, caters to approximately 65% of the freight and 85% of the passenger traffic. The Road transport dominates the transport sector, with 4.6% share in India’s GDP.
  • Rail Transport : The Indian Railways controls the Asia’s Largest and World’s second largest rail network, which is divided into 16 different zones.
  • Air Transport : The Air transport has seen a considerable increase in total cargo traffic in a decade or so. The cargo carried by India, accounts for 2% of the international trade. India is currently the world's 9th largest Aviation market. Air passenger traffic in India is growing at a tremendous pace. Freight traffic is expected to reach five times the current levels by 2035.
  • Marine Transport : The Indian Marine Transport has 12 major ports and 200 non-major ports. The Port & Shipping sector is projected to attract significant private investment due to robust port infrastructure, strong growth potential, a favorable investment climate and sops provided by State Governments

The Indian Logistics sector, valued  currently at ~US$ 125 billion, is projected to grow at 10-12% for the next 3 years. As per estimates, the industry employs over 45 million people and is growing at the rate of 15% pa, with sub sectors growing at 30-40% pa. 


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