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01 Anand Kumar to meet Patna students_Apr 4 Download
02 Launch of new courses Download
03 Patna Roundtable Press Release Download
04 Press Release - UPES pioneers experiential B.Tech Counselling Download
05 Press Release- Appointment of Ms Manisha Mohan, Director, SoD Download
06 Press Release- UPES awarded with 'India's Best University for Innovation and Value based Education' Download
07 Press release- UPES Design conclave 2018 Download
08 Press Release_3rd Law Round Table_Jul 23 Download
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09 Revolutionary technology developed by UPES student Download
10 UPES Bonjour India Tour Download
11 UPES Charter Expansion Press Release Download
12 UPES Hosts Unleash in Jaipur_Apr 16 Download
13 UPES MoU with BSE and Infosys Download
14 UPES Placements Press Release 2018 Download
15 UPES Student's Astronaut Training 26 April Download
16 UPES Students showcase their all-terrain vehicles at Auto EXPO 2018 Download
17 UPES Unleash Lucknow Download