Legal Studies

As the companies from core sectors are going global in terms of business expansion, mergers, acquisitions, partnerships and joint ventures, there is a growing need for legal professionals who understand the law as well as the domains.


This unique combination enables the legal experts to help their clients through the legal complications associated with business partnerships and other affairs.

Foreign companies are exploring the potential of Indian market and with the rise of foreign investment and alliances; constant legal consultation is becoming a necessity for middle and large size business groups.

Domain specialized legal professionals have a strong advantage as they can easily identify the opportunities, risks, essential clauses and loopholes in a technical contract. At the same time, they can assist their clients in a better way forbidding process, tenders, contracts and resolving of minor or major disputes.


Career Path




  • Govt. Lawyer
  • Civil Litigation Lawyer
  • Criminal Lawyer
  • Divorce Lawyer
  • Legal Analyst
  • Legal Journalist
  • Legal Consultant / Advisor
  • Judge / Jury Panel member

Prospective Recruiters


  • Legal Firms in India and Abroad (Middle East, SEA, China, Russia, CIS Countries)
  • District, State, Supreme Court as Jury member (Requires clearance of Public Service Commission Exams)
  • Public or Private organizations from various sectors
  • Legal departments of Foreign Energy companies
  • Global Audit & Compliance firms
  • Legal Consultant/ Department member in Tertiary Sector (Insurance, Information Technology, Banking, Business Advisory & Consulting) and Associated Industries – Petrochemical, Paints & Dyes
  • Teaching as a Legal Professor
  • Working with NGOs
  • Television & Media

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