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UPES International Operations works on establishing and maintaining alliances with foreign education and research institutes. The objective of UPES International Operations is to offer international academic and research exposure to the students and bring best practices to UPES. The students who are interested in pursuing opportunities offered with UPES International Partners are welcome to explore the pathways to success with us.

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News from UPES International Operations:




The visit of the large French Delegation to UPES was concluded successfully on 8th and 9th Feb 2017 . The delegation consisted of 8 French universities plus N+I Executive Director and ex-Diplomat of France to UK Dr Jean Pierre Trotignon, Attache of the French Embassy for University Cooperation, Campus France Regional Director and Alliance Francaise Regional Director. Overall the French delegation was impressed not only by Indian hospitality, but also the professionalism of UPES and the large amount of outreach that we have in our international operations. The visit is seen to be helpful in maturing in strengthening the exsiting academic collaboration and new opportunities for students.


Among 22 inbound students who came to UPES on exchange/internships programs, were from the countries across the globe namely; France: Polytech Nantes, Polytech Orleans, University of Toulouse, University of Lorraine, ENSMM, ECE Paris; Mexico: IPN, Instituto  Politécnico Nacional;  and Russia: Tomsk Polytechnic University.  These students came to join various disciplines that include Computational Fluid Dynamics, Materials, Solar Energy labs, IT and Renewable Energy at UPES.

Among the 52 outbound students who went for international exchange and internships, were from disciplines such as CFD, Energy Systems, Renewable Energy Systems, Nuclear Energy, Artificial Intelligence, Embedded Systems, Chemical Engineering, Pipeline Engineering, Rotating Equipment, Aerospace, Avionics, Mechatronics, Power Systems Engineering. These students visited countries like France to join  Polytech Nantes, Ecoles de Mines de Nantes, Polytech Orleans, University of Toulouse, University of Lorraine, ENSMM, ECE Paris; Russia: Tomsk Polytechnical University and Canada: University of Alberta, Alberta Graduate Business School.




Nochuri Srivadana of M.Tech Robotics Engineering & Shreyance Singhvi of B Tech Mechatronics Engineering are presently on internship to Ecole Superior ENSMM, France (National Engineering Institute of Mechanics and Microtechnologies) during June & July 2014 on monthly stipend plus 50% of living costs and fee waiver. During this period, Nochuri Srivadana will be working on a project related to drone conception & Shreyance Singhvi is involved in a project related to innovation, data mining, micro technologies, artificial intelligence.

Nayeem Khan of M.Tech Robotics and Geetesh Waghela of M.Tech Computational Fluid Dynamics will be travelling to Polytech Orleans, University of Orleans, France for internship from January 2015 on the scholarship of approx. €500 per month stipend plus lump sum payment of approx. €600 towards airfare as well as fee waiver. Nayeem is to work on “model, simulate, program and operate the NAO robot (a 58-cm tall humanoid robot) for autonomous interaction with its environment”.

Yogesh Bhandari of B.Tech Power Systems Engineering is on internship to Ecoles de Mines de Nantes, France from June 2014.

Successful internship of MTech Computation Fluid Dynamics students to France resulted in internships at Arcelor Mital Group for Mr. Vignaesh and Continental Automotive, Germany for Mr. Kaleeshwaran who also got a PhD offer.

Arpit Singhal of B Tech Aerospace Engineering went on an internship with full scholarship for a semester to University of Luxemburg.

Amir Lokhandwala of B Tech Applied Petroleum Engineering student was sponsored by Laureate Groupo to attend the Global Innovation Forum meet in Mexico.

Arvindam Malik and Sharma Prasad Reddy went on internship at Munich airport supported by Frankfurt University of Applied Sciences.



University of Alberta – 1 student from MBA (IB) on full semester exchange programme 2 students from MBA (Aviation Mgmt) to Munich, Germany 2 students from BBA (Aviation Ops) to EBS University, Wiesbaden, Germany MITACS Globalink Scholarships in Canada – 1 students from B Tech (Applied Petroleum) to Calgary International Air Show Competition for students, USA – 4 students from B Tech (Aerospace Engg).

Conferences – 3 students went to USA to attend conferences [1 from B Tech (APE) to Houston, 1 from COLS to Washington, I from PhD – Management to Albany] 1 from Int. BTech-MBA to Leon, Mexico to World Innovation Forum.


Euroaid Funded International Assignment for CAS:

Centre for Aviation Studies (CAS), UPES secured a training award as the partner institution of the University of Applied Science, Frankfurt, for capacity building for the aviation industry in India This training is funded by Euroaid. The first cohort of the program would be launched in January 2013



University of Alberta – 2 students from MBA (IB) on full semester exchange programme MITACS Globalink Scholarships in Canada – 3 students [2 from B Tech (Applied Petroleum) to Calgary and Alberta and 1 from B Tech (Aerospace Engg) to Montreal] for 12 weeks .

2 students from MBA (Aviation Mgmt) to Cologne, Germany

Centennial Energy Institute, Toronto – 5 students from M Tech (Energy Systems) for 8-week summer research course on scholarship International Air Show Competition for students, USA – 5 students from B Tech (Aerospace Engg) Conferences – 3 students went to USA to attend conferences [1 from B Tech (APE) to Houston, 2 from COLS to Washington]


Please note that many opportunities mentioned on the website have lengthy procedural requirements and we recommend students should apply at least one semester in advance to avoid delays in his / her acceptance. If you have any questions on the procedure for pursuing an opportunity, please contact the office and we will be happy to assist you.


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