High Technology

Technology fuels the progress of every industry. With globalization of worldwide technology, the new dimensions of applied sciences are emerging. In every field of engineering, latest technology is driving the industries towards the future that was once, just a dream.

There is a rising need for multi-disciplinary programs that would help next generation engineers to meet the complex demands of the future industries and face the challenges that come their way.


High Technology

The employability in this sector is very high with the emerging openings at multiple levels in the following types of companies:

  • Manufacturing companies
  • Building Services
  • Construction companies
  • Fire Safety Consultation
  • Nano Technology
  • Consultancy
  • Robotics

     In an increasingly technology driven world, Robotics has fast assumed significance not only for industrial applications, but also for various day to day human activities. Robotics technology is expected to become as widespread over the next few years as computing technology is today. The automation of processes in most of the industries has led to the rise in demand of robotics, as a field of education. This is a core engineering area and involves in-depth understanding of Electro Mechanics, Robotics Sensors & Instrumentation, Robotics Fabrication, Artificial Intelligence and Robotic Vision.

  • Nanotechnology

    Nanotechnology today is regarded as a revolutionary technology that can help address key challenges related to energy, environment, health and agriculture in developing countries. Nano Tech and Nano Science professionals find their place in various fields including semiconductor industry, electronics and communication sector, nano-biomedicine, health industry, security and criminal investigation, defenses, food and nutrition sector, agriculture sector, pharmaceutics, textiles and more. Nanotechnology is a strong subject which is widely adopted for academic research. 

  • Artificial Intelligence

    Technology has made it possible to add human skills in objects. These skills may include quick decision making, auto programming, reasoning abilities, language processing, speech recognition etc. The potential of this area of study is immense and provides a wide scope for research and development activities as well.

  • Renewable Energy

    With the growing energy consumption rates, renewable energy is emerging as a strong alternative. Solar, wind energy, bio gas & bio mass, green building and smart grid are some of the fields under this domain. Engineers with training in Renewable Energy find opportunities with EPC companies, manufacturing companies and consultants. There are several renewable energy policies to be announced and the future will see a huge rise in the demand for qualified and skilled engineers with specialization in Renewable Energy.


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