School of Computer Science (SOCS)

School of Computer Science (SoCS) is an academy-industry alliance between UPES - IBM India and UPES-Xebia, aimed at developing a dynamic platform for next generation students to acquire high end IT education at graduation level.

SoCS introduces and trains the students with Computer Science platform skills essential for the IT professionals. Computer Science plays a crucial role in the functioning of any organization. SoCSEoffers well designed and specialized programs in association with IBM INDIA that provide you with the appropriate skills that help you become a competent IT professional as you step into the future. These programs are expected to add to the inclination of recruiters towards the students ready and aligned with skills required for the IT industry. UPES has entered into an academic partnership with Xebia IT Architects India today to introduce two new full-time B.Tech CSE programs.

The centre provides the students a sophisticated learning environment equipped with all essential learning tools and facilities. There is advanced computing center with 24 hours Wi-Fi connectivity and conducive ambience.

Dr. Manish Prateek


The School of Computer Science at UPES offers the courses in CSE which are align to ever growing sectors of IT Industry as well to bridge the gap between Industry and Academia. The programs offered at SoCS are producing Computer Engineers with additional knowledge of one of the applied areas so that the students passing out from the school are directly deployable on the projects by their respective organizations.

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Digital Learning Platform

The University uses an Enterprise-grade standards compliant online platform that provides online interface between students and professional courses through integration with the core curriculum. It allows the students to submit their work in the form of digital programs on the cloud and evaluate their performance electronically. This is also an example of learning system innovation at UPES.

Career Prospects

Leading IT companies in India and abroad are constantly searching within the available talent pool to find fresh talent and skilled professionals. The importance of IT sector can be seen in our daily lives and this leaves a direct impact on the opportunities that this industry is generating with every passing day. Some of the top organizations in the world belong to IT sector which is a testimony to the potential of this domain in future.

The Programs

SoCSE offers B.Tech courses in basic computer engineering with various specialization areas like Cyber security & forensics, Banking & financial services insurance. The domain specialized courses are designed to impart sector specific knowledge and enable the students to attain a high level of understanding and expertise of the IT sector and the significance of the same in the sector they choose to make a career in. The curriculum is developed by IT specialists and core faculty thereby ensuring a well structured flow and industry pertinent knowledge. The partnership with IBM enables SoCSE to offer programs that are based on IT basics, latest technology progressions and industry requirements in the present and future. The learning experience is enhanced through technical sessions, webinars, interaction with IT experts and self evaluation through iCOS platform.

The programs at SOL, enable students to develop strong legal acumen that would help them handle the complexities in legal matters of the entities they associate with and guide them through. The curriculum is a mix of general legal concepts and technical/ business aspects that have an impact on the judicial practices. The programs are designed by expert faculty with active participation from judicial experts.

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Team Astral, UPES triumphs at CanSat Competition 2016, USA

Team Astral grabbed first position in Europe and Asia and fourth position globally at CanSat Competition 2016. Team Astral comprises of students from Aerospace Engineering, Mechatronics Engineering, Electronics Engineering, Material Science Engineering, Computer Science Engineering and Design Studies . 73 teams from across the world participated in the competition this year, held at Burkett, Texas, USA. UPES competed with many prestigious universities including University of California, Princeton University, Manchester University, University of Alabama Huntsville and Carleton University.


UPES Students win the title prize of "Best Android App," at the Michigan State University, USA

Rosy and Shubham, students of UPES B. Tech. Computer Science and Engineering course win the title prize of "Best Android App" and a cash prize of $400 for the project "Intellivision” at the SpartaHack 2016, an official annual hackathon of Michigan State University, USA. There were 114 projects presented at the end of 36-hour hackathon. This team was comprised of 4 members including them and two more students from DePauw University and University of Illinois from USA. This team submitted their project and won the award for the title prize. The project Intellivision is a live augmented reality image tagging android application using Google Glass and MYO band.


UPES Budding Engineers reaches National Round

3 students from Computer Science & Engineering qualified the regional rounds (North) and reached the National round at the Adobe Certified Associate Championship and Autodesk Certified User World Championship. This included Archit Sareen, student from Mainframe Technology who participated in Photoshop CS5. Avi Sharma, of Cyber Security and Forensics, took part in design contest; and Naman Jain from Graphics and Gaming specialization, participated in Photoshop CS6. The Championship was conducted in School of Design Studies, UPES in partnership with Certiport (Veloces Consultancy Pvt Ltd.).