Business is a term that is not confined to any particular industry or domain. It is fully applicable and significant to every sector and the growth potential of this sector is high at all times.


The volatile business environment today has hitherto unforeseen impacts on business cycles, global trade and the world economies. The sector specific issues that underlie the current state of the global economy require a thorough understanding of the industry concerns faced at an individual level and at the group level. There is a growing demand for global business professionals who can take up these challenges of today's global economy head on.

Specialized business management programs at UPES, both at the undergraduate and postgraduate levels give students the unique industry perspectives and the ability to correlate these to the larger global scenario. The result is the nurturing of future ready business management professionals, ready to hit the ground running with the requisite skills to tackle all kinds of business risks an organization faces in the connected global markets.


International Business

With the globalization of the Indian economy, the participation of the country in international business is required to boost. The advent of high end information technology and telecommunications has made business across geographical boundaries possible and convenient thereby leading to an increase in international investments.

India is among the top five countries for foreign direct investment (FDI)according to United Nations Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD) and was ranked second in the year 2010. The sectors attracting highest FDI equity flows are services sector, telecom sector and computer software& hardware segment. Followed by real estate, automotive and power segments.

International Business has relevancy across all domains and sectors. With increasing cross-border trade, the need for professionals with an understanding of global business and ability to communicate, build strategies, analyze and evaluate data for projections apart from other management skills is imperative across each and every sector, leading to high employment prospects and a wide choice of domains.


Career Path

  • Marketing & Business Development
  • Management
  • Entrepreneurship
  • International Business

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